High-Visibility Safety Vests in Greater Chicago, IL

Construction zone workers, machine operators, warehouse staff, and railway workers all have one thing in common: the requirement to wear hi-vis clothing. Sheffield Supply & Equipment understands the importance of access to high-visibility safety vests in greater Chicago, IL, of different functions. Our product catalog includes performance, visibility, and flame-resistant options. We offer ANSI-compliant Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3, as well as Non-ANSI complaint vests. Whether you need a simple, hook-and-loop design or a durable, pocket-lined option, we have the vest for you. Our mesh and heavy-duty vests work great for traffic control personnel, outdoor event staff, and even school crosswalk coordinators. Provide your staff with the signaling materials they need with our high-visibility safety vests. Shop below today!

Hi-Vis Vests

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