Eye Protection Equipment

Need high-performance safety glasses for work in your hazardous, wet, cold, or bright environment? Sheffield Supply & Equipment’s eye protection equipment in greater Chicago, IL, is second to none. With clear and black shield lens types on dozens of models, you’re sure to find a type of safety glasses suited for your next project. Choose polarized lens to eliminate glare and increase visual clarity. Ensure lens fog never hampers your work when entering or leaving buildings with Fog Buster—a lens fog mitigator. Try our various options for anti-fog, including H2Max to ensure maximum clarity or Vapor Shield, a military grade anti-fog proven to be completely resistant to haze, fog and condensation in the most extreme conditions. Keep your safety glasses clean and scratch-free for years to come with our microfiber cleaning and storage bags. Our eye protective equipment is a proven solution for all workplaces in greater Chicago, IL. Shop our products below.

Eye Protection

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